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Neewer Ring Light Kit:18"/48cm Outer 55W 5500K Dimmable LED Ring Light, Light Stand, Carrying Bag.

Get it here.👉🏻

Neewer - Help You Build a Audio & Video World with Innovation

  • With multiple locations over three continents, Neewer focuses on photography, video, and music equipment. We are committed to offering professional premium products to photographers, videographers, music lovers all over the world. We have listened to our customers and developed the items that meet their needs. Our items are not only desirable for their function, but also for the value that comes with the Neewer brand.

Neewer's Aim on Ring Light - Neewer has launched ring lights with different styles (Tabletop Kit, Floor Stand Kit, Flexible Soft Tube Kit, Remote Control Kit, APP Control Kit, etc); Various Size (6” 7” 8” 10” 14” 16” 18” 19” 20”); Beautiful Exterior Color (Black, White, Pink, Silver and More); Perfect Lighting (Warm Light, Cold Light, RGB Light, etc). We have partnered with Samsung who use our ring lights at some conferences and we will cooperate with more brands. Neewer ring lights have achieved recognization and compliment from worldwide customers on design and quality. Neewer is absolutely the most professional manufacturer and seller on RING LIGHT. Neewer's product designers ans engineers are currently developing, and will continue to develop more ring lights with new innovations with more of a high-tech feeling, sleek and elegant appearance, and more practical and portable designs. Why do you need a Neewer Ring Light? - It gives out dimmable illumination with no dark shadows. Different distances of lights show highlights in your eyes; Facial features are enhanced under constant lighting for a more three-dimensional look and make you more engaging. It adds a nice ring in the eyes when photographing people and gives literal starry eyes and just lights any face up. Who can use a Neewer Ring Light? - Children, Teens, Adults, Women & Men, Young & Old - Makeup artists, Beautician, YouTube content creators, Tattoo artists, Video bloggers, Hair stylists/salons, Selfie lovers, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Snap chat, Studio lighting, Portrait photography and Streaming etc.

There are literally no downfalls to this product. I was a little iffy purchasing this due to the price, but I am so thankful I did. My selfies and videos look so much better now!! It comes with two different covers to put over the ring light (warm and white) which I definitely appreciate so I can switch up my pics.

It also comes with a carrying/storage bag for when you travel. If you’re a photographer, beauty blogger or just someone that loves taking bomb selfies, you should for sure get this!!

Get it here.👉🏻

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