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Buy Charcuterie Online

Our charcuterie products are made from British native breeds from nearby farms by passionate artisan producers. We specialise in using slow growing native breeds for our charcuterie to produce the best products. These breeds take longer to reach maturity, meaning they have a longer life, and develop greater depth of flavour and a good natural fat content.

buy charcuterie online

Starting in 2005 we were one of the pioneering producers in the UK to preserve meat by air drying. We have organically grown over the years but still maintain our artisan roots. Our British British air-dried charcuterie has been achieving awards each year since we started. We now make a range of artisan salami, cured meats and air dried snacks as well as a cooked range.

All our Cornish air dried charcuterie is made with our own carefully developed recipes, some are fairly traditional and some a little more unusual. When time permits one of our favourite jobs is experimenting with new flavours and meats.

The Lowdown: Wander & Graze offers plates and boards that are not only stunning in presence but also packaged with environmentally friendly boards and cutlery that is compostable or reusable. All produce used is locally sourced and organic. The menu includes six different boards from antipasto and crudité to fruit and cheese. Each board can be ordered either half (feeds 2-6) or full size (feeds 8-12). The most notable board is the Colorado Antipasto which features products from local brands like Bjorn Honey, Real Dill, Blue Moose Boulder and Mouco cheese. Also, the date night boxes come with a selection of cheese, charcuterie, fresh fruit, honey, jam, olives, nuts and chocolate enough for two people. Rather than ordering online for the date night box specifically, it can be reserved via email or social media direct message. Find out more information here.

The Lowdown: Operational since 2019, Colorado Charcuterie offers meat and cheese boards for delivery from sizes small to large. While these boards contain a lot of the staples like artisanal cheeses, charcuterie, seasonal fresh fruit and crackers perfect for small gatherings, they also offer grazing tables custom made for any event from bachelorette party to baby shower. Orders can be placed online here.

The Lowdown: Denver Grazing Company also offers individual charcuterie boxes for delivery. Each individual box offers the same gourmet cheese and artisanal meat found on a grazing board, while offering a safe alternative to snacking with friends while keeping distance. With the holidays coming up, Denver Grazing Company also created tablespaces with a variety of flavors, textures and colors for any event. Find out more information about ordering here.

Earthy Gourmet is a Gurgaon based food company specialising in beautifully designed charcuterie boards. They believe in hand-picking the highest quality products to give their customers a memorable experience. Order in some delightful charcuterie boards and experience the European goodness that Earthy Gourmet offers!

is a charcuterie shop located in Charlotte, NC. Stop by to build your own box, pick up your board, or place an order for a custom grazing table for your next event. We can handle everything from small backyard parties to large corporate events or weddings.

All of our cheeses, meats, and produce are seasonal and sourced week to week. This allows us to offer the most fresh ingredients for your charcuterie, crudité, and fruit and dessert boards! Below are a few of our crowd favorites that feed 10-15 people.

Buy high quality French and Italian charcuterie, cured hams, saucissons, bresaola, prosciutto, rillettes and Pâtés for delivery in London and the United Kingdom. Explore the full range of Charcuterie and if you do have any potential questions, please let us know and we will be happy to help. 041b061a72


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