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Run into the town square, beating all the bad guys and collecting all the goodies along the way, and then travel down the flight of stairs in the northern end of the area. Follow the path and you'll be treated to a vista of Nokron, and then you'll hit a yellow magic wall that signifies a boss area. Here you'll find the Mimic Tear, which is an exact replica of your character. Defeat it and you'll get the Mimic Tear summon which, when powered up a few levels, will become a huge help to you.

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Take the Inverted Statue to the Carian Study Hall and place it on the pedestal at the front of the hall. Walk up the stairs on either side of the pedestal, then fall down into the lift shaft and head through the doorway, where a couple of little-hand monsters will ambush you. You'll find that the study hall has literally been turned upside down. Your job is to platform down from the top of the hall, onto the chandeliers, then the beams of wood and finally onto a platform that will take you to Liurnia Tower Bridge. Your traversal will be obstructed by the Godskin Noble, a tough miniboss that you'll have to get through. Your reward, once you get into the Divine Tower of Liurnia, is the Cursemark of Death. You can give this item to Fia in the Deeproot Depths to unlock a gnarly boss fight and ultimately give you an extra option for Elden Ring's ending.

Pass through and you'll find an ominously red area where you'll be attacked by the Baleful Shadow. Note that if you haven't spoken to the Ranni doll, the Baleful Shadow will not appear.

Platform down to the bottom, clear the room of enemies and head towards the Grand Cloister temple. There's loot inside there -- a Scorpion's Stinger dagger -- but what we're after is actually to the left of the entrance. You'll find a coffin, which transports you to a room of respite before a big boss. You'll fight a giant scorpion freak: Astel, Naturalborn of the Voice. It's a tough battle, since Astel is both large and fast, and will frequently distance itself from you by transporting itself to the other side of the arena. Once you do so, your path will be clear to a lift that takes you up to the Moonlight Alter. (Note: If you don't have the Dark Moon Ring, a large magic shield will block your path.)

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The action is set in an exquisitely detailed, multi-dimensional world enlivened by outstanding animation, a nostalgia-inducing background score, and exemplary voice acting. The diverse, memorable supporting cast holds its own against the charismatic leads and adds considerable emotional depth to the story. Its deceptively sophisticated script is at once straightforward and wickedly clever: dialogues are crisp and witty, exposition is kept to an essential minimum, and no time is ever wasted in getting to the point. Though the unlikely swashbucklers have a grand, all-encompassing mission, the game focuses on tracing their tiny, wobbly steps as they visit places they've never heard of and collaborate with people they don't like, eventually discovering strengths of character they never imagined they had. In doing so, The Book of Unwritten Tales reveals a great heart of its own, which will most likely melt that of any adventure gamer who plays it.

Use your new fast travel abilities with caution and don't get too hasty: overriding the existing system reportedly causes problems with a tiny number of quests. This one isn't being updated anymore, so it does have some issues with newer mods. When all else fails, try to resolve conflicts with the Script Merger.

Geralt can already carry quite a bit considering he's just a guy with sweet leather getups and two cumbersome swords, but if you're the sort of hoarder who can't bear the thought of tossing away a collection of Witch Hunter's Swords, then this is the mod for you. The resulting weight limit? You guessed it, Vegeta. It's over 9,000. Now you'll (almost) never have to worry about whether you should hang on to that trophy that's taking up so much room but has an extremely situational bonus. Just do it.

Ugly gear. It's a shame, but it happens to the best of witchers, no matter how hard we try to color-coordinate. If the new mastercrafted sword set you've been working toward for hours turns out to have a hideous teal scabbard set that clashes with the rest of your ensemble, just download Black Scabbards to settle the problem. We're told that black goes with everything, especially more black, so this should get you sorted out.

This graphical overhaul is a 9.3GB beast of a download that gives you better, crisper, more detailed models and textures. Rocks, trees, crates, roofs, walls, waterfalls, furs, and floors have all been overhauled with increased resolutions and brightness. The video above gives some great transition examples so you can see the difference yourself.

To unlock Torrent in Elden Ring, speak to Melina at the Gatefront Ruins Site of Grace. Agree to have her act as your maiden, and she will give you the Spectral Steed Whistle which you can use to summon Torrent. Put the whistle in your quick items or your pouch for easy access, since you'll be using it frequently!

Below, we'll cover everything you need to know about Torrent, including how to summon your horse in Elden Ring, how to heal Torrent, and how to unlock Torrent for those new to the game. It's a torrent of Torrent information, if you will.

When you first start Elden Ring, you won't have access to a mount, so you'll have to do some running around. Fortunately, it won't take long until you get the horse, as an important NPC will give you Torrent very early in your adventure.

Torrent has their own health bar, so they can take damage from enemy attacks. If Torrent dies, you will either have to wait a short amount of time or consume a Sacred Flask of Crimson Tears to summon them again. However, you can heal Torrent using either a Rowa Raisin or Sweet Raisin. These are both items that you can craft using the Crafting Kit, which you get from a merchant at the Church of Elleh in the starting area of Limgrave.

Zelda Reorchestrated. I don't know where to begin! In case I go off on a long story about ZREO, here are some solid facts you should know. On June 12, 2013, the Zelda Reorchestrated site will be closing down. That site alone will be closing its doors, for-(the foreseeable future)-ever. Some good news, Radio Hyrule will be an independent project and will in effect cut all ties to ZREO. The music will still be available for download (Twilight Symphony not withstanding) for as long as my friend who owns it can keep it running. If you would like to download all, some, or any of the music available from ZREO, you can do so from the mirror site right here, for free. The music is in MP3 form (some in FLAC), and re-tagged compared to ZREO's original release. There are also ZIP files available for download (torrent-free). The ZREO YouTube channel will still be around, if you prefer to stream over downloading. If you were wondering why we haven't posted about their Twilight Symphony music videos, it is because of this article being held up. Two videos are after the jump, including the most recent one, so be sure to check them out along with the full album as it is released!

Those of you looking for Twilight Symphony have a thousand options from which to choose. You can torrent it, or you can ask me politely after you donate to ZREO. I have both the FLAC and MP3 versions (fully tagged, some people had issues with the digital release) that I can send you. Alternatively, Link's Hideaway will also be hosting a ZIP file of the MP3 version, fully tagged, etc. Hosting the FLAC would be problematic for our server, so I'll be using a different method to share it (if wanted). I think that should answer all questions that people may have that have not been answered. I have never represented ZREO, but I have always attempted to speak for them (whether they like it or not). Comment below if you have any questions!

That is all the "FAQ" information I could surmise. Begin my thoughts and praise! Frankly, I am partially angry that fans of ZREO resorted to torrents to let "everyone have the music" free. To think, I already detested torrents, and now I just won't bother with them ever again. They have their uses, sure, but this case makes me think there is no practical use for them. I love ZREO strongly, and I take great offense from this action. I am not angry at any fan for downloading the album, but at the ones who uploaded it in the first place. I do not believe this to be the reason for ZREO's shutting down, but I do think in my opinion that it played a part in the digital (iTunes, Amazon) release being canceled for everyone to enjoy. My opinion does not reflect that of Link's Hideaway or Zelda Reorchestrated.

I'm off on a tangent. I will proudly claim that I am Zelda Reorchestrated's biggest fan. I will accept copycats, but the fact remains that I am their number one fan. I always will be, I'm stubborn on that front. I may not have had the money to donate, or the means of travel to meet them, but I tried and shared their talent with as many people as I could. I did meet them in person, once. Just that once, and it was the happiest day of my life as it occurred. I met the members of ZREO, and boy was that a trip. I ended up leaving super early because the nerd inside of me freaked out. I shook Eric's hand too, but I'm not crazy enough to go "I'll never wash this hand again!" Alright, the thought may have crossed my mind as I was washing my hands.


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