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Jack Edwards

15. Straight Flush

Some cribbage rules sites explicitly state that flushes are not scored in cribbage. This is incorrect, at least according to the American Cribbage Congress rules, which are the nearest thing to an official set of rules for cribbage.

15. Straight Flush

flush & nob if i have 4 spades in my hand and one happens to be a jack the turn card is a spade do i get to count the 5 spades + the jack again for 1 point as the nob so a total of 6 points ?

It dependsIs the jack in your hand or is it the cut card? if it is in your hand then you would score 6. 5 points for the flush and one point for nobs for the jack being the same suit as the cut card (or starter card)

A four card flush is worth 4A four card flush is worth 4 (without the starter), and a five card flush is worth five points (with the starter) . You can only get the 5 point type with the Crib.

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