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22 Jump Street

Spring break arrives, and Schmidt goes after The Ghost. He is joined by Jenko, so the two can have one final mission together. The pair head to the beach where The Ghost is likely to be dealing WHY-PHY. Inside a bar, they find Mercedes, who is The Ghost's daughter, giving instructions to other dealers. The pair, backed up by Dickson and the rest of Jump Street, ambush the meeting. The Ghost flees, while Mercedes is knocked out by Schmidt. While pursuing The Ghost, Jenko is shot in the shoulder. The Ghost attempts to escape in a helicopter; Schmidt and Jenko manage to jump across to it, but they fall into the sea and Jenko is able to throw a grenade into the helicopter. The Ghost celebrates his victory prematurely while the grenade explodes. Jenko tells Schmidt that he still wants to be a police officer as he believes their differences help their partnership, and the two reconcile in front of a cheering crowd. Dickson approaches them claiming to have a new mission undercover at a medical school.

22 Jump Street

Schmidt bemoans the fact that he and Jenko are taking online courses instead of actually being there. They then head to Metro City Port to take on an assignment. There, they find the wanted drug lord, The Ghost (Peter Stormare), a man who is said to have made connections with the Mexican cartel. Schmidt dresses up as a cholo and gets in character to infiltrate the gang, but Jenko knows he sucks at improvising. The two meet Ghost and his men in a warehouse, where Schmidt plays up his role while Jenko is unconvincing. Ghost lets them into his truck to check out his supply. The two open a crate and an octopus jumps on Schmidt's face, inking in his mouth. In their panic, the two drop their accents and are found out. Ghost and his men shoot at Schmidt and Jenko and make their escape in the truck. Jenko hops on top of the truck to catch the goons, while a nervous Schmidt tries to climb over. His foot gets caught in a net and he falls, dangling over the edge of the truck. Jenko walks to the front and breaks the windshield, nearly arresting Ghost, until Schmidt gets on top of the truck and hits a beam, getting himself and Jenko caught with the net onto the beam, letting Ghost and his men get away.

The guys meet with Chief Hardy (Nick Offerman) over their latest screw-up. Hardy suggests that this wouldn't have happened if they just did the undercover Jump Street program again like last time. He adds that even though nobody had faith in their reboot, the guys got lucky, and now they have double the budget to move ahead with a new assignment (an obvious meta joke to the sequel). The guys are sent to the Vietnamese church across the street since the Koreans bought back the church on 21 Jump Street, and so they must now report to 22 Jump Street. There, the guys are impressed by the high quality look to the headquarters and see that Jenko's nerd friends from high school are now interns. They report to Dickson, who tells them they're going to MC State to investigate the appearance of a new drug called WhyPhy (stands for "Word Hard? Yes. Play Hard? Yes."). The guys receive a file on a victim of the drug, Cynthia Watson. She was high on WhyPhy and fell out her window to her death. They are also given a picture of Cynthia exchanging the drug with an unknown suspect.

Schmidt goes to the library to investigate while Jenko heads to the field for a football game. In the library, Schmidt sees Ghost and his goons waiting for someone. Schmidt texts Jenko to come by, persistently sending messages after messages until Jenko leaves the game to join him. They make enough noise to attract one of Ghost's goons to come over. Jenko pretends to give Schmidt a blowjob to draw attention away from themselves, but Jenko gets angry when the goon calls them "faggots". Jenko headbutts him, and Ghost recognizes him and Schmidt as cops. They take out their guns and begin shooting, forcing the guys to run. They run out to the campus where Jenko gets a helmet-shaped car. Ghost and his goons chase them in a hummer. They go all across the campus, causing an insane amount of property damage. During the chase, Jenko tells Schmidt that he got a scholarship to play football at MC State and that Zook invited him to be his roommate. They drive onto the football field, and the brakes are out. They both jump out of the car where it crashes and explodes onto the goal post. Schmidt is taken into custody for questioning, but not before letting Jenko stay behind so he can take the fall for him. He leaves campus, and Maya is mad at Schmidt for lying to her.

The guys meet up and find Ghost trying to escape in a helicopter. A goon shoots at them, with Schmidt trying to take a bullet for Jenko (as he did in the last movie), only for him to jump too early, so Jenko gets hit in his arm again. Jenko kills the goon and makes it to the helicopter as it takes off. Jenko jumps off the roof and grabs onto the helicopter, with Schmidt successfully making the leap as well. As they fly over the beach, Jenko slips and Schmidt catches him. He orders Jenko to reach into Schmidt's shorts to grab a grenade. They slip and fall from the helicopter, but Jenko manages to throw it into the helicopter, destroying it and the whole supply of WhyPhy (Ghost is later revealed to have survived the explosion). As the two land in the ocean, they are applauded by the whole crowd, including Rooster and Zook.

Schmidt, back on park patrol, realizes Ghost pays tuition for one of the students at the university after looking in the case file. Jenko spots WHYPHY circulating on campus again and determines the real supplier, still at large, will go down to Puerto Mexico on Spring Break to spread the drug to other schools. Jenko asks Schmidt for help so that the two can have one final mission together, and the pair head to the beach where Ghost is likely to be dealing WHYPHY. Inside a bar, they find Mercedes, revealed to be Ghost's daughter, as the supplier giving instructions to other dealers. They also find out their old roommates, nicknamed the Twins, are also in on the deal. The pair, backed up by Dickson, ambush the meeting and give chase as they flee. Mercedes is able to handcuff Dickson and take him hostage, pursued by Schmidt. Meanwhile, Jenko goes after Ghost. After a fist fight with Mercedes, Schmidt is held at gunpoint by her but Maya (who happens to be on break at the same location) sneaks up and knocks her out. Schmidt goes to help Jenko who is now on the roof of a high-rise hotel in pursuit of Ghost, who shoots Jenko in the shoulder once again. Ghost attempts to escape in a helicopter and Jenko jumps across to it but struggles to hold on with his injured arm. Schmidt makes the same jump and the two fall into the sea, but not before Jenko is able to throw a grenade into the helicopter, killing Ghost. Back on land, Jenko tells Schmidt that he still wants to be a police officer as he believes their differences help their partnership, and the two reconcile in front of a cheering crowd. Dickson approaches them claiming to have a new mission undercover at a med school.

Ghost owns his drug called WHYPHY which student dies in the collage and his daughter Mercedes was roommate of his enemy Capt. Dickson 's daughter Maya in near climax Ghost holding Jenko as his hostage and shoot him on his chest before Ghost tried escaped to helicopter Jenko jump it but struggled with injured arm caused a pain and manged thrown grenade which kills Ghost.

Two major sequels opened this weekend, and both of them posted objectively large weekend figures. Sony's 22 Jump Street earned a strong $57.07 million yesterday, as the Jonah Hill/Channing Tatum buddy comedy earned the sixth-biggest weekend for a comedy on record. It's just ahead of the $57.03m debut of Sex and the City and behind the $67m weekends of Rush Hour 2 and Bruce Almighty, the $73m weekend of Austin Powers 3, and the $85m Fri-Sun frame of The Hangover part II. Speaking of Rush Hour 2, that's the comparison for this one. 21 Jump Street opened with $36m and ended it run with $138m domestic and $201m worldwide. The Jackie Chan/Chris Tucker action comedy opened with $33m back in September 1998 and ended its run with $141m domestic and $244m worldwide. Cue three years later, and Rush Hour 2 basically doubles its predecessor's opening weekend with $67m in early August. This time around, 22 Jump Street jumped 65% over its predecessor's debut weekend.

The next release is a little more complicated. DreamWorks Animation's How to Train Your Dragon 2 earned an okay $49.45 million debut weekend. It played 53% female, 56% under-25, and That's 14% higher than the $43m weekend for How To Train Your Dragon back in March 2010. Truth be told, I expected a bigger bump and a larger overall weekend. Despicable Me 2 jumped 48% from the original and Monsters University (admittedly with 12 years of inflation and 3D) jumped 31%. The question was just how much higher the sequel to the beloved original was supposed to climb compared to its predecessor. It's also below the $60m+ openings for Madagascar 2, Madagascar 3, and Kung Fu Panda, along with the $59m debut of Monsters Versus Aliens back in 2009. And its 2.67x weekend multiplier is well below the 3-3.5x DreamWorks Animation norm.

Directed once again by Phil Lord & Christopher Miller (whose smash hit The Lego Movie also hits home vid next Tuesday -- not a bad year these guys are having!), 22 Jump Street (the new address, by the way, thanks to our heroes getting kicked across the street from the abandoned church that the first movie -- and the TV series, natch -- occupied), has buddy cops Greg Jenko (Tatum) and Morton Schmidt (Hill) back doing the undercover adolescent thing -- this time in college -- to track down the dealers of a new drug called Why-Phy (sounds like wi-fi). 041b061a72


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