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Silicosis is caused by inhalation of unbound (free) crystalline silica dust and is characterized by nodular pulmonary fibrosis. Chronic silicosis initially causes no symptoms or only mild dyspnea but over years can advance to involve most of the lung and cause dyspnea, hypoxemia, pulmonary hypertension, and respiratory impairment. Diagnosis is based on history and chest x-ray findings. No effective treatment exists except supportive care and, for severe cases, lung transplantation.

Alveolar macrophages engulf inhaled free silica particles and enter lymphatics and interstitial tissue. The macrophages cause release of cytokines (tumor necrosis factor-alpha, interleukin-1), growth factors (tumor growth factor-beta), and oxidants, stimulating parenchymal inflammation, collagen synthesis, and, ultimately, fibrosis.

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Earth's atmosphere and oceans were formed by volcanic activity and outgassing.[48] Water vapor from these sources condensed into the oceans, augmented by water and ice from asteroids, protoplanets, and comets.[49] Sufficient water to fill the oceans may have been on Earth since it formed.[50] In this model, atmospheric greenhouse gases kept the oceans from freezing when the newly forming Sun had only 70% of its current luminosity.[51] By 3.5 Ga, Earth's magnetic field was established, which helped prevent the atmosphere from being stripped away by the solar wind.[52]

Thermal energy causes some of the molecules at the outer edge of the atmosphere to increase their velocity to the point where they can escape from Earth's gravity. This causes a slow but steady loss of the atmosphere into space. Because unfixed hydrogen has a low molecular mass, it can achieve escape velocity more readily, and it leaks into outer space at a greater rate than other gases.[236] The leakage of hydrogen into space contributes to the shifting of Earth's atmosphere and surface from an initially reducing state to its current oxidizing one. Photosynthesis provided a source of free oxygen, but the loss of reducing agents such as hydrogen is thought to have been a necessary precondition for the widespread accumulation of oxygen in the atmosphere.[237] Hence the ability of hydrogen to escape from the atmosphere may have influenced the nature of life that developed on Earth.[238] In the current, oxygen-rich atmosphere most hydrogen is converted into water before it has an opportunity to escape. Instead, most of the hydrogen loss comes from the destruction of methane in the upper atmosphere.[239]

Earth's life has over time greatly diversified, allowing the biosphere to have different biomes, which are inhabited by comparatively similar plants and animals.[241] The different biomes developed at distinct elevations or water depths, planetary temperature latitudes and on land also with different humidity. Earth's species diversity and biomass reaches a peak in shallow waters and with forests, particularly in equatorial, warm and humid conditions. While freezing polar regions and high altitudes, or extremely arid areas are relatively barren of plant and animal life.[242]

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Textual Records: Registers of Indian families, 1884-1909, withindex. Enrollment schedule for Blackfeet children, 1934. Recordsrelating to enrollment of California Indians, includingapplications, 1928-32; numerical list of applicants, 1928-32; and"Indexes" to rejected applications, 1928-32. Records relating toCherokee citizenship, including letters received relating toCherokee citizenship, 1875-89; affidavits, 1889-93; drafts ofcensus rolls, 1889-90; Wallace rolls, 1890; revised copies ofWallace rolls, ca. 1890-96, with indexes, ca. 1890-93; rolls ofShawnee Cherokee, 1889, 1896; and roll of Cherokee freedmen,1896-97. Records relating to enrollment of Eastern Cherokee,including Guion Miller report and exhibits, 1908-10;correspondence, reports, and related records concerning EasternCherokee enrollment, 1907-16; roll of Eastern Cherokee, 1909;rolls of Eastern Band of Cherokee, 1907-8, with index, 1907; andcopybook of Special Agent Charles L. Davis, 1910-11. Records ofand concerning the Eastern Cherokee Enrolling Committee,including applications and related records, 1925-28; numericalindex to enrollment records, 1929; miscellaneous correspondence,1925-28; transcripts of testimony, 1927-28; decisions, 1926-28;rolls of Eastern Band of Cherokee, 1928; and report ofCommissioner of Indian Affairs, 1930. Other records relating toenrollment of the Five Civilized Tribes, including lettersreceived relating to Choctaw and other freedmen, 1878-84; rollsof Choctaw freedmen, 1885; records relating to applications foridentification as Mississippi Choctaw, 1901-7; and recordsrelating to applications for enrollment from the Five CivilizedTribes, 1910-15. Records relating to Flathead enrollment, 1903-8.Records relating to Osage enrollment, 1827-1910. Records relatingto Ottawa enrollment, 1863-64. Census roll of Stockbridge andMunsee Indians of Wisconsin, 1894. Records relating to enrollmentof Washington Indians, 1910-19, 1929. Other enrollment records,1903-10, 1935-42.

Textual Records: Annuity payment rolls, 1841-1949. Cherokeefreedmen payment roll, 1897, with indexes. Exhibits for Cherokeefreedmen payment rolls, 1897. Old Settler Cherokee census roll,1895, with index, 1896. Cherokee warrant payment rolls, 1900,1902. Roll of Creek orphans and lists of payments to be made,1870. Records concerning payments to Citizen Potawatomi, 1868-70.Receipts for payments to Potawatomi, 1868-69. Ledger for percapita payments to Wisconsin Band of Potawatomi, 1928. List ofSioux scouts and soldiers and heirs, 1892. Recapitulations ofaccounts of individual Indian money (IIM), 1930-32. Record ofcollections for Five Civilized Tribes, 1898-1906. Ledger fortribal moneys, 1909-10. Land sale orders for Five CivilizedTribes, 1908-13. Ledgers for depositories of funds of FiveCivilized Tribes, 1911-18.

Textual Records (in Fort Worth): Letters sent, 1902-6, andreceived, 1897-1914. Records of tribal governments, 1873-1907,including constitution and laws of the Choctaw Nation, 1894-1904.Records relating to enrollment, 1852-1919, including enrollmentcards, 1899-1907; applications for enrollment, 1898-1914; andtribal rolls, 1852-1900. Records relating to Cherokeecitizenship, 1878-1911, including brief and arguments filed byJoseph P. Mullen, 1896; lists of applicants as freedmen, 1897;applications for enrollment, 1898-1907; and applications forenrollment as freedmen, 1897. Records relating to Choctaw andChickasaw citizenship, 1893-1907, including duplicate Choctaw-Chickasaw applications for enrollment, 1896-98; certified copiesof orders of the U.S. Court at South McAlester on appeals underthe act of June 10, 1896, 1897; and case files on applicationsfor transfers by freedmen or enrollment, 1905-6. Records of theChoctaw-Chickasaw Citizenship Court, including case files, 1902-4; lists of claimants, 1902; general and appearance dockets,1902-4; and minutes, 1902-4. Records relating to theidentification of Mississippi Choctaws, 1899-1906, includingdecisions of the Dawes Commission, 1902-4. Records relating toCreek citizenship, 1885-1907, including enrollment cards, 1898;and index to freedmen enrollment cards, 1898. Records relating toSeminole citizenship, 1900-5, including index to newborns, 1905.Records relating to allotment, 1899-1910, including applicationsfor allotment, 1899-1907. Records relating to allotments toCherokees, 1902-14, including denied allotment applications,1902-7; and index to rejected freedmen, n.d. Records relating tothe sale of improvements by intermarried Cherokees, includingclaims to sell improvements, 1907-14; and records relating todisclaimers, 1907-12. Records relating to the sale of surplusholdings by Delaware-Cherokees, 1904-7, including claims to sellimprovements. Records relating to allotments to Choctaws, 1902-17, including allotment ledgers, 1903-10; record of conveyancesto Murrow Indian Orphans Home, 1907-9; and conveyances to MurrowIndian Orphans Home, 1906-9. Records relating to allotments toChickasaws, 1902-14, including letters received from the ChoctawLand Office, 1903-6. Records relating to allotments to Creeks,1899-1914, including record of allotments. Records relating toallotments to Seminoles, 1901-14. Records relating to Choctaw-Chickasaw townsites, 1899-1908. Records relating to Creektownsites, 1891-1908. 041b061a72


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