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Dr. ER: A Steamy and Hilarious Medical Romance by Max Monroe

Dr. ER: St. Luke's Docuseries, Book 2 book pdf

If you're looking for a fun, sexy, and hilarious read that will make you swoon and laugh out loud, you might want to check out Dr. ER by Max Monroe. This is the second book in the St. Luke's Docuseries, a series of romantic comedy standalones that follow the lives and loves of different doctors at St. Luke's Hospital.

Dr. ER: St. Luke's Docuseries, Book 2 book pdf

In this article, we'll tell you what Dr. ER is about, why you should read it, and how you can get the book pdf legally and ethically. Let's get started!

What is Dr. ER about?

Dr. ER is the story of Scott Shepard, the head of St. Luke's Hospital Emergency Department, who has been dubbed "Dr. Erotic" by the media after starring in a reality docuseries called The Doctor Is In. Scott is used to being admired and desired by women, but he's not looking for anything serious or long-term.

That is, until he meets Harlow Paige, a quirky and clumsy journalist who lands in his ER after a sex-induced head injury. Harlow is not impressed by Scott's fame or charm, and she challenges him in ways he never expected. As they spend more time together, they discover that they have more in common than they thought, and that they might be perfect for each other.

But can Scott overcome his commitment-phobia and trust issues? And can Harlow deal with the pressure and scrutiny of dating a celebrity doctor? Find out in Dr. ER, a steamy and hilarious romance that will make your heart race and your cheeks hurt from smiling.

The main characters

The main characters of Dr. ER are Scott Shepard and Harlow Paige.

  • Scott Shepard is a 35-year-old emergency room doctor who is handsome, smart, confident, and charismatic. He loves his job and his patients, but he doesn't do relationships or emotions. He has a troubled past that has made him wary of commitment and attachment.

  • Harlow Paige is a 28-year-old journalist who works for an online magazine called Buzzfeeders. She is quirky, clumsy, witty, and adventurous. She has a passion for writing and traveling, but she also has a low self-esteem and a fear of rejection.

The plot summary

The plot summary of Dr. ER is as follows:

  • Scott Shepard is the star of a reality docuseries called The Doctor Is In, which showcases his work as an emergency room doctor at St. Luke's Hospital.

  • Harlow Paige is assigned to write an article about Scott and his show for Buzzfeeders.

  • Harlow meets Scott for the first time when she ends up in his ER after hitting her head during a sexual encounter gone wrong.

  • Scott is intrigued by Harlow's sass and humor, and offers to help her with her article.

  • Harlow agrees to spend more time with Scott for research purposes, but she also feels an attraction to him.

  • Scott and Harlow start a casual and secret relationship, but they soon develop deeper feelings for each other.

  • Scott and Harlow face various challenges and obstacles, such as Scott's ex-girlfriend, Harlow's ex-boyfriend, Scott's trust issues, Harlow's insecurities, and the media attention.

  • Scott and Harlow have to decide if they are ready to commit to each other and face the consequences of their relationship.

The themes and messages

Some of the themes and messages of Dr. ER are:

  • The importance of honesty and communication in a relationship.

  • The power of love to heal and transform.

  • The value of humor and laughter in life.

  • The danger of judging people by their appearances or reputations.

  • The need to overcome one's fears and insecurities to pursue one's dreams.

Why should you read Dr. ER?

There are many reasons why you should read Dr. ER, such as:

It's a romantic comedy with a medical twist