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[S5E22] Home [UPDATED]

Lane tells her mother that she is quitting the band and would like to move back home. Lane thinks that Mrs. Kim will be stoked on this idea, but instead she gets angry. Mrs. Kim tells Lane that she did not raise her to be a quitter just because of whatever bullshit is happening with her band. People from the Orient are famously unpredictable and wise.

[S5E22] Home

LORELAI: No, no, no. Just donuts. We need to get home and get to the bottom of this. [She takes a deep breath as Luke gets the donuts ready.] Okay. This is not the end of the world, right? I mean, Rory's young. Young people do stupid things. I got pregnant. This is better, it's not so permanent. Unless it's on her permanent record, and then, oh, God, does that mean she can't vote?

EMILY: I have a lunch with Sunny Kingsman today. And then I have to stop by the club at four. Some of the girls are having an impromptu birthday cocktail with Melly Rutkers. Though the last thing Melly needs is another excuse for a midday cocktail. [Richard continues to read silently.] I can stop by the cleaners on my way home if you want to have something pressed for your trip this weekend.

LORELAI: Well, I've already told her that just coming home and bumming around Stars Hollow is not an option, and I was thinking Friday night at dinner we could triple-team her. I bet between the three of us we could knock some sense into her. But I really need the two of you to back me up on this.

TAYLOR: Well, we're not selling sweatshirts, are we? All that planning. I finally had to send the marching band home. It was past their bedtimes! I have never met such soft, whiney six-year-olds in my entire life. If this was Dickens' day, they all would have been sold to a cobbler by now.

House is at home trying to sleep but his hallucination of Amber is keeping him awake. He insists she's brought on by insomnia, but she asks why he's hallucinating about her instead of someone else. She suggests it might be guilt over Kutner's suicide and her death. Before he can get back to sleep, he gets a page. Later, House staggers into the conference room and the team brings him up to speed on Seth's case - he has exploding head syndrome, showing his brain can hear but his ears don't work. Seth went deaf at age 4 due to meningitis, and the Amber hallucination wonders why he doesn't have cochlear implants. Seth was also the product of artificial insemination and has only one parent. House suspects a seizure and has them run tests, even though Amber, representing his subconscious, doesn't agree with him and talks about the limp leading the blind.

The bachelor party goes off, with House's flaming drinks and strippers. Wilson comes home to discover that House is using his apartment for the party. Karamel the stripper comes over to tell Wilson she remembers him and asks how his wife is doing as she hugs him. Wilson and Thirteen are soon taking shots off of Karamel. House is drinking in the tub and Amber joins him. She points out that he works better alone and congratulates him on the diagnosis. In the main room, Foreman and Taub get Chase to take a shot off of Karamel. He tastes strawberries and goes into anaphylactic shock. Foreman calls out to House that a resident had an Epipen to stabilize him, and the others are planning on taking him to the hospital. House realizes that he knew Chase was allergic to strawberries. He also knew Karamel used strawberry body butter. He wonders if Amber was trying to kill Chase, which means he was trying to kill Chase. Amber points out he's not a big fan of other people's happiness. He's interrupted when the hospital staff call to tell him that Seth is dying of lung failure, meaning that MS isn't the problem. 041b061a72


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