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Challenging an erroneous collections entry on my credit Report

I recently discovered a collections entry on my credit profile attributed to Sequium Asset Solutions for a Charter Spectrum account that I did not open. According to the collections record, the Charter account was allegedly opened on 08/11 and sent to collections on 10/10. Firstly, the timeframe for sending an account to collections seems unusually short, and secondly, I have no record of opening such an account.

Swiftly, I initiated a dispute with Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. Experian and TransUnion acknowledged the discrepancy, removing the entry from my credit report. However, Equifax maintained that the collections account is accurate.

Despite the relatively small amount of $103, I am determined to remove this entry from my report. I am uncertain about the next steps to take. Information online suggests that Sequium may be a company known for filing dubious collections accounts in the hopes of receiving payment.

I have already sought legal assistance and found lawyers who can potentially help with my case at this link (

I am curious if anyone has faced a similar situation and, specifically, why Equifax encountered difficulty in acknowledging the discrepancy.


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